Our books are encounters

Our desire is to share the beauty, meaning, and reflection arising from them.

Since its foundation in 1999, les éditions du passage has endeavoured to offer a space for meaningful encounters.

Encounters among artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, authors, illustrators... talents to discover and rediscover; encounters between the arts and sciences, literature and history, the known and the yet to be discovered, the anecdotal and the essential; encounters arising from events, chance, coincidence, shared interests, desires and passions; encounters that nourish a clear objective: to give birth to the beauty, meaning and reflective nature of our publications.

To achieve this, les éditions du passage has given precedence to high standards and quality - both literary and iconographic.

Each of our books is the result of deep contemplation, the fruit of a long process of gestation.

Our role is to create, explore, discover.
Our goal is to remain unclassifiable.


Publisher Julia Duchastel-Légaré

Julia Duchastel-Légaré founded les éditions du passage in 1999 at the age of 17. She holds a Bachelor’s in both Philosophy and Chemical Engineering from the École polytechnique de Montréal, and she also studied art at Atelier de Sèvres, Paris. Her intellectual curiosity and interest in others form the guiding spirit behind les éditions du passage.

Publishing Officer Julie Clade

Having gained a Master's in Communications and in Cultural Project Management in France, Julie Clade completed a DESS in Cultural Organization Management at HEC Montréal. She joined the éditions du passage team in spring 2009 in the role of publishing assistant.

Proofreader and editor Pierre Quenneville

A doctor in musicology (Université de Montréal), Gregorian scholar, researcher, archivist, and reviser, Pierre Quenneville has collaborated on various publications in the musical domain and worked closely with les Éditions Trois for over twenty years. He joined les éditions du passage as a reviser shortly after the organization was founded.

Publishing assistant in charge of the poetry series Julia Ros

Julia Ros has a master’s degree in contemporary literature research from the Université Toulouse - Le Mirail. She furthered her education in Grenoble with a professional master’s degree in publishing. Julia subsequently assumed various positions in publishing, libraries and cultural event organization before joining the éditions du passage team at the end of 2013.

Contributor Carole Forget

Carole Forget has a master’s degree in literary studies and lives in Montréal. She published several poetry books with companies such as Les Éditions d’art Le Sabord, Les Éditions de l’Hexagone and Les Éditions Triptyque as well as art books. Carole was invited to take part in literary events in Québec and abroad. She carried out projects with visual arts artists that were exhibited in art galleries and museums.


Since the fall of 2017, les éditions du passage has been a partner with MUSEO, a French publisher specializing in coffee table books. MUSEO is driven by its mission to increase general awareness regarding the challenges ensuing from the decline of biodiversity and cultural diversity, and more specifically, with regard to sustainable development issues.

MUSEO distributes les éditions du passage’s catalog in French-speaking European countries. On its part, les éditions du passage sees to the distribution of MUSEO’s titles here in Québec. The two publishing companies also co-publish certain works to make sure they are available on both sides of the Atlantic.