MUSEO - L'Irlande des poètes

CONTENT Poems, photography and texts
DATE 2017
ISBN 9782373750126
FORMAT 25 x 34 cm
LANGUAGE French, English
PRICE $74.95
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L’Irlande des poètes is the fifth book about Ireland by photographer Jean-Pierre Duval. Through 50 poems written by the most famous Irish poets, including Nobel Prizes Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw and William Buttler Yeats, the book invites the reader to travel across the wonderful landscapes of Ireland, also known as Emerald Isle.


Jean-Pierre Duval is a French photographer and publisher heading the French publishing house MUSEO that he founded in 2005 after being manager of the two publishing houses Romain Pages and Biotope. He is also heading the Agence pour la promotion de la biodiversité et des expressions culturelles and a member of the governing board of the Société des Explorateurs Français. He wrote about a hundred illustrated books about cooking, travelling and sea, published in different languages, including La République Démocratique du Yémen du Sud (Delroisse, 1983), his first book, which is about one of the most closed countries in the world. More recently, he published Les hommes de mer (MUSEO, 2015), Wild Atlantic Way (MUSEO, 2015) and L’Irlande des poètes (MUSEO, 2017). His books and news pictures about the sea world received more than thirty awards in France and abroad.


The poetry chosen reflects this throughout – poems which showcase Ireland’s natural beauty, but also the rich interpersonal life of the country – indeed, you could say that in the weaving of poems and photos, it becomes clear that beyond our geographical and literary charms, it is in fact the Irish people themselves constitute the winning attraction of the country.

Geraldine Byrne Nason

The sounds of Ireland,

that restless whispering

you never get away

from, seeping out of

low bushes and grass,

heatherbells and fern,

wrinkling bog pools,

scraping tree branches,

light hunting cloud,

sound hounding sight,

a hand ceaselessly

combing and stroking

the landscape, till

the valley gleams

like the pile upon

a mountain pony's coat.

John Montague