Words in Public Space

CONTENT Photography and essays
DATE 2014
ISBN 9782922892987
FORMAT 18 x 27 cm
LANGUAGE French, English
PRICE $42.95
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This graphically unique monograph examines the presence of literary art in public space and the relationship between words and places. Artists, critics, and historians share their perspectives on art works and practices that demonstrate an exceptional use of the written word. It is the first publication devoted explicitly to this original form of art, which has an undeniable influence on our rapport with space and the city. Over sixty monochrome and colour reproductions illustrate the richness and diversity of these works and shed light on the artists who write in and for the public realm. This striking visual and literary volume invites you to discover the art works and interventions of internationally acclaimed and emerging artists, including Ken Lum, Gilbert Boyer, Sarkis, Michel Goulet, Rose-Marie E. Goulet, Edgar Heap of Birds, among others.


Marc André Brouillette is a professor in the Department of Literary Studies at Université du Québec à Montréal. He is interested in the interconnections between visual arts and literature, and is the creator of the bilingual Web site www.plepuc.org, dedicated to literary works in the Canadian public realm. A poet as well, he has published several collections, including M’accompagne (2005) and L’exil mauve (2012).

Several authors and visual artists from around the world examine the presence of literary creation in the public realm and the relationship between words and public places : Christian Ruby (Doctor in Philosophy and professor in Paris), Louise Déry (director of the Galerie de l’Université du Québec à Montréal and Doctor in art history), Suzanne Paquet (professor in the Département d’histoire de l’art et d’études cinématographiques at Université de Montréal), Daniel Fiset (Doctoral candidate at Université de Montréal), Ken Lum (internationally renowned Canadian artist), Rose-Marie E. Goulet (Quebec artist and creator of over twenty works of public art), Julie Faubert (artist and professor at the École des arts visuels of Université Laval), Sherry Simon (professor in the Département d’études françaises at Concordia University), Jonathan Lamy (poet, performer, and Doctor of Semiology), Julia Hains (Doctoral candidate at Université Laval). 


In recent decades, numerous art works and interventions have made use of literary creations and public space to stimulate meaningful dialogue; unfortunately, many of these remain relatively unknown. [...] This book wishes to examine the relationship between words and public space by sharing reflections on art works and practices united around this unique form of public discourse. 

Marc André Brouillette