Glimmerings of eternity

CONTENT Photography, calligraphy and maxims
DATE 2017
ISBN 9782924397275 
FORMAT 15.2 x 15.2 cm
LANGUAGE French, English, Chinese
PRICE $14.95
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Glimmerings of Eternity is the long-awaited sequel of the small red book 60 Chinese Cookies by Lew Yung-Chien. Glimmerings of Eternity includes 50 inspirational thoughts taking a humorous, but serious look at the meaning of life. Each thought is presented in three languages: French, English and Chinese, with a colour photo and calligraphy. The photos have been taken all over the world by Lew Yung-Chien, a multi-talented author, calligrapher, tai chi teacher and photographer.


Lew Yung-Chien was born in Shanghai. An Arts Graduate from the National Taiwan Normal University, he finished his studies in design and graphic arts at the École supérieure des arts modernes de Paris. He teaches tai chi, his passion, at the university as well as in various hospitals and parks in the Montreal area. He is the author of L'esprit du taï-chi (2009) and he also devotes himself to art forms such as calligraphy, photography, painting and pottery.