Jacques Bilodeau


DATE 2008
ISBN 9782922892260
FORMAT 18 x 25,5 cm
LANGUAGE French, English
PRICE $44.95
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Jacques Bilodeau - Inhabited is a foray into the thought and achievements of a unique and unconventional designer, creator of spaces and patented inventor, who has left his mark at prestigious biennials to the hidden corners of building sites. Privileged witness to Bilodeau's work for over twenty years, author Jacques Perron guides us to a deep understanding of his art, which invites us to live without habit. Richly illustrated with photographs, the book also allows us to discover Bilodeau's transformable sculptures: neoprene pockets and felt cavities that form immersion capsules, curious tactile works that invite us to curl up within and make them our own by lending them the imprint of our bodies.


Jacques Perron is an essayist, photographer and videographer. For more than 20 years, he has been documenting Jacques Bilodeau’s work. In this book, his images and texts get to the core of Jacques Bilodeau’s concerns.


Bilodeau’s architectural projects demand that both he and the site’s residents and visitors free themselves of the shackles of familiar domestic references. Our challenge is to exist in a kind of instability.


The body’s labour—its violence, its poetry, the way it was forced to grope along, its probing, its risk-taking, its excesses and emptiness; the challenges it presented, eating in it, sleeping in it, experiencing anxiety in it—all of this served as a forceful reminder to me of Bilodeau’s work and attitude. Both individuals share the same existential practice.


 This extraordinary light, ever present in Bilodeau’s projects, sculpts the environment with force and finesse. It brings the inanimate to life, spattering steel, grazing concrete and caressing wood. It casts sensuality, nobility even, on what are often industrial materials. And we are wrong to associate his work with blackness and obscurity.

Jacques Perron


“Jacques Bilodeau has arrived. I hesitate to introduce the Montrealer who defies categorizing after reading Jacques Perron’s texts, so spot-on are they on shedding light on the autodidact’s coherent creative journey. Published by les éditions du passage, the book presents Bilodeau’s major architectural laboratories (industrial building conversions for the most part and his sculpture objects, in an artifice-free graphic formula produced by the Feed Studio. An interview with Éric le Coguiec reveals a certain art of living that leaves its mark. In short, this book makes for essential reading. We promise to come back to it in a future issue!”

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