Food as material

CONTENT Photography and essay
DATE 2009
ISBN 9782922892406
FORMAT 16,5 x 24 cm
LANGUAGE French, English
PRICE $24.95
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Diane Bisson presents her first book, a colourful and textured reflection on cooking and our dietary habits. In face of the proliferation of disposable containers and over-packaging, the author invites us to take up the challenge of transforming food into genuine design material. Flatware made of quinoa, plates for desert, biscuit drinking straws, 100% edible lunches: such are the author's objectives. Edible, Food as material presents the results of this playful yet scientific journey with a collection of magnificent photographs and over thirty food samples designed and developed by the author. Her research rests on a vision resolutely linked with sustainable development as it explores the concept of the edible plate as both cultural model and viable material for the reduction of waste. Edible, Food as material fuses art with science to present the possible scope of a future series of edible plates and containers.


Diane Leclair Bisson is an associate professor at the Université de Montréal Industrial Design School where she founded the Design and Food Laboratory and cofounded the Design Society research group. Since 2000, she has devoted her time to her research on the food world, and especially on the behaviours that influence our lifestyles.


Edible invites the reader to reflect upon overconsumption and its consequences in terms of pollution. Western consumers produce an average of two kilos of waste per day, with disposable food containers constituting an increasing component of this waste. Edible plate and container design is resolutely linked with sustainable development, offering potential solutions to the reduction of waste at its source by creating food materials and products, which simultaneously encourage new attitudes towards food usage and handling.

Diane Leclair Bisson


“Here is a gorgeous, distinguished book, a book of art in itself that presents the project of an exciting experiment.”

Christiane Charrette, Radio Canada

“This book combines gastronomy and science, ecology and design, sustainable development and craftsmanship. What a great work of design and philosophy that promotes our reflection on the container and the content. Your picnics will never taste the same!”

Josée Blanchette, Le Devoir