Nunavik – Quebec untold

CONTENT Photography and texts
DATE 2010
ISBN 9782922892437
FORMAT 28.5 x 28.5 cm
LANGUAGE French, English, Inuktitut
PRICE $29.95
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Pilot and photographer Mario Faubert presents his first book, Nunavik – Quebec untold, an album of aerial photographs of Nunavik, the northernmost region of Quebec. For over 15 years, Mario Faubert has travelled the globe photographing nature’s most beautiful locations, yet it was his discovery of the breathtaking beauty of this little-known region that was the inspiration behind this book, in which he offers us a new and unique perspective of the North: white sandy beaches, vivid turquoise seas, herds of caribou viewed from above, spectacular rock formations… a series of landscapes one would never imagine seeing in Quebec. Nunavik – Quebec untold invites us to discover not only the beauty of the region but also the thoughts of numerous Inuit and enthusiasts of the region who tell of their relationship with the land and of daily life in the tundra. Trilingual (French, Inuktitut, English), Nunavik – Quebec untold lends a significant voice to Nunavik’s autochthons. 


Mario Faubert is an aviator and a photographer as well as a former airline pilot who has devoted his energies to photography for more than fifteen years. He was part of the group of aerial photographers on the Earth From Above project as they wandered throughout the world looking for the most extraordinary images seen from the sky. In 1992, he launched Air Photo Max, and ever since he has travelled all over the world to bring back breathtaking images.

Texts by Pita Aatami, Jean-François Arteau, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Miroslav Chum, Jean Dupuis, Minnie Grey, Elisapie Isaac, Taqralik Partridge, Maggie Putulik, Chloé Sainte-Marie, Mary May Simon and Sheila Watt-Cloutier.


Inuit Mothers

how they flow together

these women, like dancers

curved and arced around

one another; lifting arms and turning

heads back, to look

at new babies.

Taqralik Partridge

Nunavik is extremely vast, and approaching it by air is perhaps the best way for visitors to form an initial bond with the region and its inhabitants. The Arctic is not my homeland, but it is home to a people and culture: that of the Inuit. We often mistakenly refer to Earth as “our” planet, yet it does not belong to us: at best, we belong to it. When we become deeply conscious of this, of this sense of belonging, this sense of community with Earth’s 6.8 billion inhabitants, we become, in my view, more human and more responsible. It is for this that Mario Faubert’s book is so beautiful and valuable.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand


“An absolutely magnificent work, this book reveals the North’s spectacular nature.”

Michel Désautels, Radio Première Chaîne

“We turn the pages of this book with an astonishing look on our face, as we are immersed in the meander of rivers with deserted banks or caught up by the flaming blue or red of a few houses.”

Caroline Montpetit, Le Devoir

“Here is an album somewhere in between the naturalist album and the art book.”

Marie-Claude Girard, La Presse